Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Do Doctors And Clinical Studies Show About The Slimweight Patch?

The journey to losing weight and finally achieving the ideal body that you want is something that at times seems both daunting and never ending. Sadly, too many people are stuck in a sort of weight roller coaster, yo-yoing between highs and lows. It seems that as soon as they deviate from a specific restrictive diet or strenuous exercise regime the pounds pack right back on.

This not only is frustrating and deflating but also wrecking havoc on their metabolism. The key to losing weight and then keeping it off is not only consistency but having the right information and tools to mastering your weight loss.

This can be achieved with the Slimweight Patch. Unlike other weight loss supplements, the Slimweight Patch is not taken orally meaning that it is 95 percent more able to grant you the results you want. Through the process of digestion alone standard diet pills lose so much of their initial dosage capacity that they are virtually ineffective by the time they reach the blood stream.

The doctors conducting the clinical testing of the Slimweight Patch have exclaimed that by simply adhering to the skin and then immediately being absorbed by the blood stream this is "the delivery system of the future." Outside of being able to work better and thus faster, the Slimweight Patch has other astounding qualities that are supported by these clinical tests.

The unique combination of powerful weight loss ingredients found in the Slimweight Patch have proven that the average weight loss per week is between two and four pounds. Yet there are those that have achieved six pounds of body fat being lost in only a one week period.

One such test involving the ingredients in the Slimweight Patch consisted of a 60 day trial between those applying the patch and a control group. Without having adapted to a diet or exercise
program outside of their norm, those on the Slimweight Patch lost on average 4.67% of their body weight compared to a mere 0.63% found in the control group. This translated to an average of 6.6 pounds per individual.

In addition to showing results on the scale, the Slimweight Patch has been shown that in as little as three days' time, users will note a significant decrease in their appetite. The patch's ability to control hunger cues and curb cravings has also been proven. In a study which tracked a control group alongside Slimweight Patch ingredient users there was a drop in about 2 pounds for this group, compared to that of only 0.6 pounds in the former.

Again participants were not asked to deviate from their standard diets, but reported feeling much fuller and satisfied when using the Slimweight Patch. For an effective way to not only manage your hunger and lose weight but still enjoy all the pleasures of your favourite foods the Slimweight Patch is the best diet remedy on the market.

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